The following programs are available to U.S. Scholars in Moldova

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Congratulations on receiving a Fulbright grant! The resources on this page are designed to familiarize you with your host location and provide important context and information as you prepare to travel abroad. We encourage you to review the readings, websites, and logistical information offered by local contacts. Click the section headings below to display the information.

Orientation Information

As part of your Fulbright grant, you are required to attend a virtual Pre-Departure Orientation (PDO) from June 24-27, 2024. The PDO will provide sessions and activities to help you prepare for your upcoming experience. You will receive an email in mid-May that will direct you to the PDO website where you can register for the event. If you have any questions regarding the PDO, please email

Contact Information

Embassy of the United States, Public Affairs Section
103 Mateevici Street
Chisinau MD-2009
Tel: +373-22-408-485

Points of Contact

Brian Asmus,
Deputy Cultural Affairs Officer                                               

Irina Colin,
Cultural Affairs Specialist                                                 

U.S. Scholars and Students:
Maria Crijanovschi
English Teaching Assistants:
Tamara Turcan


Country Information


Alum Contacts

We invite you to contact these Fulbright alumni for questions or advice prior to your grant. They can be an excellent resource for unofficial questions – what type of clothing to bring, how to open a bank account, and more.

Fulbright ETA Alumni:


Fulbright Student Alumni 

Fulbright Scholar Alumni 

Additional Alumni Resources

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All Disciplines

All applicants must meet the Program eligibility requirements (click to review the requirements).

Visit our Scholar Directory to view and search all Fulbright alumni. You can also learn more about Fulbright Alumni Ambassadors.

Teach at a higher education institution (e.g., university-level, master's) in the grantee's area of specialization. Assist with curriculum design, program development, and other activities as requested. Attend and participate in conferences, seminars, and workshops as requested.

Conduct research in the area of specialization.

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