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There are many ways for alumni of the Fulbright Scholar Program to connect with each other and continue their engagement with the program. We look forward to being in touch and appreciate your support of the program.



Get Involved

For  U.S. and Foreign Scholars:

Connect with Fulbright Connect with program staff who provide direct application support, in-office hours, and share program opportunities in webinars and U.S. campus presentations throughout the year: 

For U.S. Scholars:

Become a Peer Reviewer The peer review process, a hallmark of the Fulbright Scholar program, ensures that applicants will be evaluated on academic, scholarly and professional criteria.  CIES is responsible for coordinating the initial screening of Fulbright Scholar applications, known as peer review, for the Fulbright Scholar Program.

Apply for the Alumni Ambassador Program The Fulbright U.S. Scholar Alumni Ambassador Program is designed to increase the Fulbright U.S. Scholar Program’s visibility nationwide and expand the diversity of future participants.

Serve as a Fulbright Scholar Liaison Fulbright Scholar Liaisons work in every type of accredited institution of higher education and serve as the main point of contact for the Fulbright Scholar Program with American higher education. Fulbright Scholar Liaisons facilitate increased participation in the Fulbright Scholar Program via institutional level support and peer to peer engagement.

Refer a Colleague Do you know someone who has the qualities of a Fulbrighter? This form provides a simple way for you to recommend 1-5 colleagues who you think would be great candidates. When you give us your colleague’s name and email address, they will receive an automatic email from the Fulbright Program staff. This message will provide them with helpful contacts, application guidelines, details on award offerings…and the acknowledgement that an anonymous colleague thinks they would be a great fit! 


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For U.S. and Foreign Scholars:

Join the Fulbrighter Network The Fulbrighter networking platform is the exclusive online community for current Fulbrighters and alumni worldwide. 

Connect with International Exchange Alumni (U.S. Department of State ECA alumni) The U.S. Department of State offers Fulbright grantees access to an online network of ECA alumni. International Exchange Alumni is open to current and previous participants of U.S. government-sponsored exchange programs – including the Fulbright Program.

Find active alumni groups through your local Fulbright Commission or U.S. Embassy To learn more about what Fulbright alumni groups are active in your area, please contact your local Fulbright Commission or U.S. Embassy.

For U.S. Scholars:

Join your local chapter of the Fulbright Association For Fulbright alumni in the United States, the Fulbright Association has 57 volunteer-led chapters across the country. 



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The Fulbright Source

For U.S. and Foreign Scholars:

The Fulbright Source is a curated collection of photos, videos, and resources that illustrate the Fulbright Program experience and its legacy over more than 70 years. The resources are used by Fulbright Program partners, the media, and the general public to promote and share information about the Fulbright Program. If you would like to share your Fulbright photos with us, please upload them here.




Alumni Toolkit

For U.S. and Foreign Scholars:

The Alumni Toolkit has several resources to keep you in the know of the Fulbright Scholar Program. The toolkit includes information about our programs, the Fulbright brand, and guidance on promoting the program to external audiences.