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Social Media Tips

What makes a good post?

  • Telling a story, even a short one
  • Using appropriate hashtags and tag the right people/organizations
  • Having a photo, graphic, video, or link: are you at a campus visit? Are you sharing your research? Are you doing a Fulbright outreach activity? Are you reminiscing about your Fulbright experience?
  • Contextualizing the photo

Tag us: #Fulbright

Refer to our Principles for Effective Storytelling

Spread the word about Fulbright:

Whatever platform you use, we encourage you to spread the word about the program. Keep the posts focused and brief, highlighting a particular aspect of your experience. Here are a few prompts to help you:

  • Discuss the impact your Fulbright had on you as well as your host and home institutions
  • Share tips on securing an invitation letter or arranging academic leave
  • Discuss how you approached the application
  • Why would you recommend Fulbright?

Share your photos with us!

If you have high-resolution photos or short video clips taken during your Fulbright, we’d like to feature them!

Please upload them to The Source, a curated collection of digital media used by Fulbright Program partners to promote the program. Be sure to provide as many details as possible as to where the photo was taken, when, and on what occasion.