Accident and Sickness Program for Exchanges (ASPE)

As U.S. Department of State exchange participants, grantees receive a limited health care benefits plan designed by the Department and administered by Seven Corners, Inc. This plan is NOT an insurance policy. The Accident and Sickness Program for Exchange, or ASPE, is a self-funded, limited, health care benefit plan designed to pay covered medical expenses for Fulbright grantees. Covered medical expenses are subject to limitations. Grantees can review ASPE coverage here: 

Though not required, it is strongly recommended that grantees have or purchase comprehensive health insurance with international coverage during the program. 

ASPE coverage is provided to the grantee only and is secondary to any other coverage grantees may have. Grantees will need to determine the adequacy of other coverage retained during the grant period and arrange for any supplemental insurance coverage, short-term coverage if out of the host country or dependent coverage. Grantees may also want to view the U.S. Department of State’s link on insurance providers for overseas coverage

Contacting ASPE

ASPE Administrator 
Seven Corners, Inc.  
P.O. Box 3724 
Carmel, Indiana 46082-3724, USA 

Phone: 800-461-0430 to call toll free in the United States 
             317-818-2867 to call collect from outside the United States 

If unable to access the ASPE account during a first attempt to log in, reach out to the Commission point-of-contact for Commission grantees. For Post grantees, reach out to your IIE advisor.

Coverage Under ASPE
  • Begins with departure from the United States to the host country.
  • Is valid through the grant end date and during the final trip home via the most direct route upon grant completion. 
  • Is suspended while outside of the host country for academic, professional, or personal reasons. Therefore, if traveling outside the host country, grantees may want to purchase traveler's insurance. 
  • Review details of coverage at
  • The MyPlan ID is the PS00XXXXXX participant ID found on the IIE Participant Portal.
ASPE Assist Services

ASPE provides access to a mental health consultant and referral services hotline. ASPE Assist is a benefit extended to all Department of State Exchange participants during their grants, including those on the Fulbright U.S. Scholar Program. ASPE Assist is designed to augment the health benefits that are concurrently provided through ASPE. ASPE Assist is operated by The ANVIL Group, in partnership with Seven Corners.

ASPE Assist Services

  • Mental health advice
  • Mental health crisis support
  • Sexual assault response
  • Violent crime response
  • Providing advice to grantees when they feel at risk or vulnerable

ASPE Assist is accessible 24 hours a day and is available to provide support to grantees, in urgent and non-urgent situations, including identification and referral of mental health conditions requiring in-person or Telemedicine treatment, and crisis intervention. The medical staff responding to grantee calls are trained to handle serious situations such as sexual assaults and mental health crises. They can also provide medical advice. 

ASPE Assist Contact Information

Phone: +1-833-963-1269
Worldwide: +44-20-3859-4463

When contacting ASPE Assist for the first time, please be prepared to provide your full name and date of birth, ID card number, program name (Fulbright U.S. Scholar Program) and host country. This information will allow ANVIL staff to verify your status as a Fulbright U.S. Scholar with the ASPE Health Benefits Plan.

If grantees are unable to call the ASPE Assist line directly and need to have the ASPE Assist team contact you, please email with your name, date of birth, ID card number, program name (Fulbright U.S. Scholar Program) and host country and indicate that you need them to call you. Make sure to provide them with your complete international phone number, including relevant country codes and area codes.

The information provided by you to The ANVIL Group in the event of an illness, emergency or other personal crisis is considered private. However, it may be responsibly shared within the program, including Seven Corners, in their efforts to assist and support you.

Any questions not related to mental health support services – including benefits, claims, coverage – should be directed to Seven Corners Customer Service for assistance. Seven Corners and the U.S. Department of State disclaim any and all liability for ASPE Assist, The ANVIL Group or other third-party services.