Vanessa Mari

In my current position as an Assistant Professor of TESOL, I prepare pre-service teachers to work with emergent bilingual students. My research is centered on describing the language practices of emergent bilingual students and working with teachers on how to leverage bilingualism in the classroom. During my Fulbright Scholar experience, I worked with the National Administration of Public Education in Uruguay to build a curriculum and develop lessons for rural teachers.

Renee Knake Jefferson

I am a legal and judicial ethics scholar and attorney with more than a decade of executive leadership experience in higher education, including oversight as trustee of R1 public research university. As an award-winning author of four books and numerous academic articles, my work is frequently cited in leading law reviews, Supreme Court briefs, and media including CNN, MSNBC, National Public Radio, New York Times, Politico, Washington Post, and Wall Street Journal.

Priya Menon

I am a professor in the Department of English at Troy University where I teach Literary Theory, World Literature, Global Anglophone Literature, and Gender and Literature. Just as my teaching works at the intersections of literature and critical theory, so does my research that shapes a significant area of study—Emigrant Literature to the Arabian Gulf. Currently, I am at work on a monograph that engages with the emigration history of migrants in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) Countries, its basis, and resultant literary representations along with its consequences. 

Micah Vandergrift

I work at the intersection of technology, community, and policy, looking for creative ways to move academic knowledge into the public sphere. My efforts are invested in collaborative projects with researchers and students, and mentoring early career colleagues in emerging modes of scholarship. As an interdisciplinary researcher, I study the evolving field of metascience from an information sciences background.

Meng Tao

It is ironic that while we pursue solar energy for sustainability, almost all the solar technologies we have today are unsustainable one way or another. My book “Terawatt Solar Photovoltaics: Roadblocks and Opportunities“ (Springer 2014) analyzes some of the roadblocks to sustainable solar technologies. My research at ASU focuses on innovations to sustain the production and deployment of solar technologies.

Latoya Kamdang

For my Fulbright, I researched indigenous architecture and urban settlements in Taiwan. This research proposal was about accessibility, inclusion, and acknowledgment of the marginalized and displaced.  My research and investigations have consistently addressed recognition.  Through my investigations with the Fulbright fellowship, I studied the historical architectural conditions of the communities of indigenous Taiwan and interrogated ways their approach to spatial arrangement, environmental conditions, and building materials can inform design thinking.

Jeffrey Stanley

I am a playwright, screenwriter, filmmaker, performance artist and essayist for the Washington Post, New York Times, and other publications. I’m also an adjunct screenwriting faculty at both NYU Tisch and Drexel University.  At NYU, I teach in both the Goldberg Department of Dramatic Writing and in Tisch Open Arts. At Drexel I teach several courses in the Screenwriting & Playwriting Program. I have served as a Fulbright student adviser at both institutions and often work with Drexel’s Office of Global Engagement on Fulbright matters, even prior to becoming an Alumni Ambassador.

Garvey M. Lundy

I am an associate professor of Sociology at Montgomery County Community College, located in Blue Bell, Pennsylvania, a suburb of Philadelphia. There, I teach Introduction to Sociology, Sociology of the Family, The Sociology of Sports and Leisure, and the Sociology of Death and Dying. My main area of interest are education, race and ethnic relations, and Haitian migration.  I have co-authored several books related to education: The Source of the River (2003) and African Americans and Homeschooling (2015), as well as articles related to the Haitian experience in America.