Notable Fulbrighters

John Updike, Fulbright US Scholar Alum, 1973
John Updike (center), Fulbright U.S. Scholar to Ghana & Nigeria, 1973
Andrea Dutton - Geologist

Fulbright Scholar to New Zealand 2020 and 2019 MacArthur Fellow

David W. Blight - Professor and Author

Fulbright Scholar to Germany 1992 and 2019 Pulitzer Prize Winner, History

Kip S. Thorne - Physicist

Fulbright Scholar to France 1966 and 2017 Nobel Laureate, Physics

Saidiya Hartman - Writer

Fulbright Scholar to Ghana 1997-98 and 2019 MacArthur Fellow

Jake E. Davis - Author and Professor

Fulbright Scholar to Jordan 2002-03 and 2018 Pulitzer Prize Winner, History

John Michael Kosterlitz

Fulbright Visiting Scholar at Cornell University 1973-74 and 2016 Nobel Laureate, Physics

Milton Friedman - Economist

Fulbright Scholar to the U.K. 1953-54 and 1976 Nobel Laureate, Economics

Edward Albee - Playwright

Fulbright Scholar to Russia 1963 and 1967 Pulitzer Prize Winner, Drama

John Updike - Author

Fulbright Scholar to Ghana and Nigeria and 1982 & 1991 Pulitzer Prize Winner, Fiction

Eudora Welty - Author

Fulbright Scholar to the U.K. 1994 and 1973 Pulitzer Prize Winner, Fiction

Roberta Karmel - Attorney

Fulbright Scholar to Germany 1991-92 and the First Female Commissioner of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission

Wendy Ewald - Artist

Fulbright Scholar to Colombia 1982 and 1992 MacArthur Fellow

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