Fulbright Alumni Toolkit

The Alumni Toolkit has several resources to keep you in the know with the Fulbright Scholar Program. The toolkit includes information about our programs, the Fulbright brand, and guidance on promoting the program to external audiences. If you are presenting about your Fulbright experience, we encourage you to you to use the following slides, Zoom background and logos:

Alumni Resources

FLYER - Fulbright Scholar Program Overview

FLYER - Opportunities to Host Visiting Fulbrighters

FLYER - Scholar-in-Residence Program

FLYER - Outreach Lecturing Fund

FLYER - Fulbright Stay Connected

GUIDELINES - Brand Identity

Branded Resources: Fulbright Zoom background

Branded Resources: Fulbright Logos

Campus Visit Resources

BROCHURE - U.S. and Visiting Fulbright Scholar Program

TEMPLATE - Staff Workshop Invitation

Presentation - Alumni Ambassador Powerpoint template

Physical Mailings - Fulbright Mailing Requests