Facts About Fulbright Scholar Program

Impact on Careers

  • 97% of Visiting and U.S. Scholars found Fulbright professionally transformative
  • 85% of Visiting and U.S. Scholars adapted their research methods or teaching approach as a result of their Fulbright

Impact on Education

  • U.S. Scholars developed 275 new courses at their host institutions
  • U.S. Scholar Alumni advised or taught 80,372 students across the world
  • Visiting Scholars reached over 12,500 U.S. campus community members through workshops and seminars

    Impact on Global Networks and Connections

    • 95% of Visiting and U.S. Scholars widened their research networks
    • 73% of Visiting and U.S. Scholars took on new internationalization efforts after Fulbright


    Statistics from Fulbright Scholar Program 2020 Alumni Impact Evaluation Report