The following programs are available to U.S. Scholars in Jamaica

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Congratulations on receiving a Fulbright grant! The resources on this page are designed to familiarize you with your host location and provide important context and information as you prepare to travel abroad. We encourage you to review the readings, websites, and logistical information offered by local contacts. Click the section headings below to display the information.

Orientation Information

As part of your Fulbright grant, you are required to attend a virtual Pre-Departure Orientation (PDO) from July 8-11, 2024. The PDO will provide sessions and activities to help you prepare for your upcoming experience. You will receive an email in mid-June that will direct you to the PDO website, where you can register for the event. If you have any questions regarding the PDO, please email

Contact Information

U.S. Embassy in Kingston
142 Old Hope Road
Kingston 6, Jamaica
Phone: 876-702-6488 or 876-702-6113

Points of Contact

Bernadette Hutchinson (Primary POC)
Cultural Affairs Specialist

Kimberly-Joe Osborne
Cultural Affairs Assistant


Country Information

Work Permit and Visa Information for U.S. Scholars

Fulbright Scholars to Jamaica should present a valid work permit to the immigration authorities on entering the country. Work permits must be arranged by the host institutions based on discussions with the Government of Jamaica. This process takes several months to complete so it is imperative that the scholar submits the required information to the host institution in a timely fashion. If you have a fall start date and your host has not been in contact with you regarding the work permit by the second week of May, please contact the Embassy for assistance. The ideal timeline for the process is four months prior to your expected arrival in Jamaica.

Scholars who are Jamaican born or have dual citizenship status for Jamaica and the U.S.A. will not be able to acquire a work permit or visa. They must instead acquire unconditional landing status by visiting the Passport Immigration and Citizenship Agency after arrival to Jamaica.

Fulbright scholars who are U.S. Citizens only (i.e., not claiming dual Jamaican citizenship) and accompanying dependents traveling to Jamaica must obtain a valid visa prior to entering Jamaica. They should make their requests at the nearest Jamaican Diplomatic Mission or Consulate. It would be advisable to share a copy of the acceptance letter from IIE and the letter of invitation from the host institution. In addition to a valid passport, the Embassy or Consulate may require a fee for the visa and pre-payment of the return of documents via registered mail. Please consult with the Jamaican Embassy or Consulate directly for specific instructions on your individual case. After arrival, the visa issued through the Consulate also requires endorsement at the Passport, Immigration and Citizenship Agency (PICA).

Arriving without a visa or the required proof of a work permit may lead to fines being levied by the Jamaican Government. Please do not make travel arrangements that means travel without the required documentation. There is a low rate of reconsideration/waiver of fines if the scholar is deemed to be in breach of immigration regulations. There is also the inconvenience of grantees being personally responsible to pay the fines and the time spent by the grantee and the U.S. Embassy trying to discuss a possible waiving of fines with the authorities. Any such discussion requires contacting high level officials for an avoidable breach. As a diplomatic mission, such discussions are preferably to be had in an exceptional circumstance.

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