Outreach Lecturing Fund | FAQs

What is the purpose of the OLF Award?

The OLF program enables Fulbright Visiting Scholars and Scholars-in-Residence who are currently in the United States for grants longer than three months to accept guest lecturing invitations at U.S. colleges and universities.

Where can a scholar go on an OLF Award?

Scholars must go to a college or university in the United States and its territories, including Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands and Guam. OLF may not be used to attend conferences. Scholars can go to any institution including large research institutes; however scholars must supplement those visits with a second visit to a targeted institution. These include Minority Serving Institutions, Community Colleges, Small Liberal Arts Institutes or Geographically underrepresented regions. View complete list of targeted institutions.

What documentation is needed for the approval process?

Institutions must submit the OLF application form together with an invitation letter on behalf of the scholar. Fulbright Visiting Scholars being requested must submit a copy of their Social Security Number (SSN) or Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN).

Who is responsible for making the travel arrangements and paying for the transportation?

IIE will assist scholars to directly make airline reservations. Scholars should work with their hosts to secure lodging.  If approved, scholars may submit receipts for lodging up to the federal per diem rate for their location.   

Can scholars go to more than one institution during an OLF award?

OLF awards support one roundtrip flight to and from a single location (from the scholar's primary host community to the OLF site and back). Multi-institution OLFs are supported and encouraged IF they are close to one another and part of the same application.  Multi-institution OLFs will only be supported when if they do not require special travel arrangements through OLF and if the primary host can provide local transportation among the different institutions/public transportation is available.  For example, a scholar could use one OLF award to go to Northern Virginia Community College and Howard University. Both institutions are located in the Washington, DC Metro area.  Multi-institution OLF awards are not permitted if they involve complex multi-sited travel arrangements and/or keep the Visiting Scholar away from their primary host institution for longer than one week.  

How is the OLF travel award amount determined?

The roundtrip airfare portion of the award (to OLF host from primary host and return) is booked directly through IIE’s travel agency, American Express Global Business Travel (GBT).  Federal per diem rates for lodging, meals and incidental expenses for the duration of the OLF activity will be used to determine the remainder of the award amount. If the host institution is unable to support housing for an approved OLF award, the scholar may submit receipts for lodging expenses but may only be reimbursed up to the federal per diem rate for lodging for that location.  Additionally, every OLF travel award will include a $100 allowance for airport transit.  If more than $100 is spent on airport transit in service of an OLF activity, the scholar may submit receipts for consideration.  

Our institution cannot provide housing for the scholars, is there a possibility to receive supplemental funding?

Institutions that are on the Partnering Institution list can request supplemental funding and will reviewed on a case by case basis. Please indicate your request on the application and within the invitation letter.

When will the scholar receive the OLF travel award funds?

The scholar will receive the OLF travel award funds after the OLF host institution submits an evaluation and summary of the event. Scholars are required to register their U.S. Bank Accounts through IIEPay in order to receive OLF funding.  Payments are NOT possible to international accounts or utilizing applications such as WISE, Venmo, or PayPal. View detailed instructions on registering for IIEPay. Scholars will receive payments within 3-4 weeks after all documents are submitted. Please note: Scholars cannot be reimbursed without a U.S. bank account or without their SSN/ITIN on file. SSNs must be submitted through IIE's self service portal by the Fulbright Visiting Scholar.

Our institution wishes to issue an honorarium to our OLF traveler.  What are the requirements?

Institutions are welcome to issue Visiting Scholars an honorarium, however they MUST include a letter indicating the amount of such honoraria with their OLF application.  Honoraria requests CANNOT be approved retroactively.   

Are there limitations for how many OLFs a scholar can receive?

Yes. Fulbright Visiting Scholars and Scholars-in-Residence are limited to two (2) OLF awards during their Fulbright exchange, regardless of the length of their exchange.  The two OLF awards must be at least 30 days apart. 

Are there limitations for how many scholars an institution can request?

Institutions may apply for up to two OLF Visiting Scholar visits per academic year.  

The scholar I am interested in is only on a grant for 2 months, are they eligible?

No. In order to be eligible, scholars must be on Fulbright grants of 3 months and scholars cannot participate in an OLF during the last 30 days of their grant.

I am a current Fulbright Visiting Scholar and I am not listed in the Scholar Directory, what should I do?

If you are a current Fulbright Visiting Scholar and you do not see your name in the directory, please contact your IIE Advisor. They can help determine why your name does not appear.

Our institution is not one of the types explicitly listed as eligible to host  an Outreach Lecturing Fund visitor.  Can we still apply?  

Eligibility for the Outreach Lecturing Fund based on institutional type and the extent of the applicant institution's prior engagement with the Fulbright program.  Even if your institution has already hosted or produced many Fulbrighters, there are still options for you to participate by partnering with another institution nearby that is eligible.  Please email us at olf@iie.org with any program eligibility questions or for advice on next steps.

Can the OLF travel award be utilized to support travel to a conference?

The OLF award is not intended to support conference attendance, research trips, or personal travel. These non-OLF activities will not be approved. If a scholar would like to attend a conference or conduct a research visit in the site near their OLF, alternate dates on the flights can be considered, but only if the total time away from the primary host institution is less than one week. 

Can we charge admission to our OLF event?

The Fulbright Program is a federally funded program by Congressional appropriation. As such, any OLF events hosted should be free for their intended audiences.