Fulbright Scholar Award

Fulbright Iceland-National Science Foundation Nordic Award in Arctic Security








Application Deadline
Monday, September 16, 2024
Award Code
Activity Type
Research includes activities involving scientific research, qualitative research, quantitative research, and practice-based research, including artistic research. Research can take place in locations such as the laboratory, the field, the archives, or an artist residency. It can be experimental, clinical, or applied. It can include examining policies, systems, theories, methods, interactions, and works of art and music, with the objective to evaluate or develop new knowledge or works. Quantifiable (tangible) outcomes can include publications (books, journal articles, scripts, etc.), conference presentations, artistic and musical compositions, exhibitions, performances, films, and patents.
A combination of teaching and research as described above. Refer to the award description for any specifications on percentages of time that should be devoted to teaching vs research.
Degree Requirements
Ph.D. (or other terminal degree) required
Career Profile
Early Career Academics
Awards are open to those who have been working in the capacity of a teacher or scholar for no more than seven years.
Mid-Career Academics
Awards are open to those who have been working in the capacity of a teacher or scholar for more than seven, and less than 13, years.
Awards are open to individuals who have more than seven years of experience in a particular profession.
Senior Academics
Awards are open to those who have been working in the capacity of a teacher or scholar for more than 13 years.

Number of recipients

Award Start Period
August 2025 - January 2026
Award Length
6 months
Flex Option
Multi-Country/Area Award
Projects are sought in all disciplines
Scholars selected for this award will be required to
Conduct a research project of the applicant’s choosing
Award Activity

This is primarily a research grant. The recipient of this award will conduct research related to evolving Arctic security/northern security and geopolitical concerns. This research will be undertaken in Iceland and one other Nordic country, with the goal of contributing substantively to the debate on Arctic security, broadly defined, to ensure a stable and sustainable Arctic region.

This is a unique opportunity to undertake research in two Arctic states on a timely topic that is high on the agenda in the US and the Nordic countries. 

Project proposals must be well-defined, and the chosen project must be completed within the grant period. The scholar may be invited to engage in some teaching, mentoring, and development activity, in addition to the research.

Location Selection: Applicant may propose an appropriate host
Locations Detail

Affiliation with any university, research organization, or other appropriate partners in Iceland and another Nordic country.

Award Length and Period

3 months in each country consecutively, 6 months in total.

Grants should begin no earlier than mid-August 2025. Grants must be completed by end of June 2026. 

Flex Description

There is a possibility to conduct the project in two segments, with one segment encompassing Iceland and the other segment encompassing the other Nordic state.

The Flex Award is designed for scholars who require multiple visits to the host country. This option allows grants to be conducted over two or three short segments. Applicants must select Flex in the application form, and clearly describe their plans for Flex in their project statement, including a project timeline. Flex grantees may be asked to give public talks, mentor students, and otherwise engage with the host-country academic community.

Grant segments are allowed to be conducted in summer months (June, July, and August)
Areas of Interest

The grant is open to scholars and professionals in relevant fields as they relate to Arctic security.

Relevant fields include, but are not limited to governance, political science and international relations, security studies, defense studies, law, cybersecurity, environmental and climate security, food, energy, and water security, science and technology, hybrid threats or other appropriate fields.

Special Features

The local hosts should help the scholar to settle in, provide introductions and, in general, provide assistance to ensure a productive and enjoyable Fulbright experience.

This grant is offered through a unique partnership with the National Science Foundation and provides an unique opportunity to build relations with NSF and Fulbright Commissions. The grant is a great opportunity for those who wish to conduct NSF-funded research abroad under the auspices, and with the support, of Fulbright Commissions. 

All applicants must meet the Program eligibility requirements (click to review the requirements).

Citizenship/Residency Requirement
Applicants residing in the award country at the time of application or thereafter are not eligible to apply for this award.
Permanent residents of the award country are not eligible to apply for this award.
Invitation Requirement
A letter of invitation is required.
Invitation Requirement Additional Information

Applicants must submit letters of invitation from institutions both in Iceland and the other Nordic country involved.

If applicants need assistance in finding appropriate affiliation, they are welcome to contact the appropriate Fulbright Commissions.

Language Proficiency Requirements
None, English is sufficient
Additional Comments

Contact at the Fulbright Commission in Iceland: fulbright@fulbright.is.

Contact at the Fulbright Commission in Denmark: info@fulbright.dk

Contact at the Fulbright Finland Foundation: 

  • Emmi Jelekäinen
    Program Manager, Scholar Programs
    Email: USscholars@fulbright.fi 
    Tel: +358 44 5535 275­­­­
  • Mihkel Vaim
    Email: USscholars@fulbright.fi

Contact at the Fulbright Commission in Norway: fulbright@fulbright.no

Contact at the Fulbright Commission in Sweden: fulbright@fulbright.se

Award Allowances

$5,000 per month or $5,500 per month for grantees with a dependent or dependents, payable monthly.  A dependent must stay in the host country for at least 80% of the grant period to be eligible for a dependent supplement.

The grant is denominated in U.S. dollars but some payments may be paid in the local currency according to the current exchange rate. 

The grant is intended to cover living costs in the host countries.

No separate housing allowance provided. Grantees are responsible for arranging their own housing, but the host institution is expected to assist the grantee in finding affordable housing and settling in. Some hosts institutions in Iceland may in some instances be able to offer on-campus housing.

Estimated Travel and Relocation Allowance for Grantee

Travel allowance is $2,500 for the grantee, payable with the first grant payment.

Baggage allowance is $600, payable at the end of the grant period.
It is not necessary to provide a receipt for travel and baggage allowance. 

Travel and baggage allowances are to cover both travels from and to the U.S. and between Iceland and the other Nordic country.

All allowances are denominated in U.S. dollars but may be paid in the local currency according to the current exchange rate. 

Estimated Book and Research Allowance

An additional research stipend is $ 1,000 per month.

Do you offer additional dependent benefits

$750 travel allowance per dependent.

Children can attend primary and lower-secondary public schools at little or no cost in the Nordic countries, which is a great way to integrate into local society.   Depending on the location, there might be private international schools available in the area. Tuition fee for private schooling is not covered by the grant.

Dependents must accompany the grantee for at least 80% of the period abroad and a minimum of one semester in order to qualify for additional dependent benefits. Dependent benefits are not provided to Flex grantees.

Estimated Cost of Living

The Nordic countries are considered high-cost countries. Housing is comparable to smaller US cities, with housing most expensive in capital areas and less expensive outside the capital areas. Many grantees live centrally and can walk to most destinations, but public transport is widely available.

Special Award Benefits

In Iceland:
The scholar will be invited to monthly grantee enrichment events provided by the Fulbright Commission during the academic year. Also, the scholar will be taken out to lunch at the beginning and end of the grant period for briefing and debriefing. 

In Denmark:
The scholar will be invited to enrichment events provided by Fulbright Denmark and their respective research group(s) during the academic year. Strong focus on social activities. Special activities for scholars traveling with families.

In Finland:
The scholar will be invited to special enrichment events provided by Fulbright Finland Foundation during the academic year. 

In Norway:
Scholar will be invited to orientation seminar and reception at Nobel Institute, and the social highlight of the Fulbright Norway year, the February ski-weekend at a resort near Lillehammer.

In Sweden:
The scholar will be invited to special enrichment events provided by Fulbright Sweden during the academic year. 

Special funding for disabled grantees
Funding is available for US Fulbright scholars to Iceland and Finland with a disability, be it a structural or functional impairment or activity/participation limitation, that entails additional costs that are not covered specifically through the Fulbright Program. Some funding may be available for a wide range of disabilities, including, for example, hearing, vision or movement impairment. The funding could, for example, be used to assist with specialized housing needs, in-country transport or specialized assistance. The extra funding amount will depend on need and will be decided by the Commission after consultation with the scholar. Funding is provided through the Bruce A. Fowler Mobility Fund.