Fulbright Is Your Partner in Internationalizing Your Campus

By Fulbright Program Staff

Looking for ways to internationalize your campus? The Fulbright U.S. Program is ready to partner with you to enhance the international dimensions of your institution. 

Did you know, according to an impact survey of U.S. Scholars from 2005 – 2015, that:

  1. 85% of Fulbright Scholars encouraged their students to study abroad
  2. 40% of Scholars noted that the Fulbright Program had a profound impact on their professional advancement

Use the following strategies to develop a robust Fulbright culture on campus: 

Appoint a Fulbright Scholar Liaison and a Fulbright Program Adviser

  • Fulbright Scholar Liaisons serve as the main on-campus point of contact for the Fulbright U.S. Scholar Program. They advocate for Fulbright-friendly policies, promote the program, and guide faculty and administrators through the application process.
  • Fulbright Program Advisers serve as the main on-campus point of contact for the Fulbright U.S. Student Program. They recruit and advise student applicants, conduct campus interviews, and help coordinate the application process. 

Bring Foreign Fulbrighters to your Campus

  • The Fulbright Scholar-in-Residence (S-I-R) is a unique initiative to enhance on-campus internationalization efforts. Through the S-I-R Program, institutions host a scholar from outside of the United States for a semester or full academic year to: teach courses, assist in curriculum development, guest lecture, develop study abroad/exchange partnerships, and engage with the campus and the local community.
    • To express interest in hosting a Fulbright S-I-R, please complete the S-I-R Host Institution Survey by 5/15/2021 or email SIR@iie.org for more information.
  • The Fulbright Outreach Lecturing Fund (OLF) provides funding for campuses to host Fulbright Visiting Scholars, already in the United States, for short-term speaking engagements. To view a list of current Visiting Scholars in the United States, please visit the Scholar Directory. The OLF travel award is designed to enrich both institutions and Visiting Scholars through lectures that promote academic disciplines and cultural understanding.
    • For more information, please email OLF@iie.org. 
  • The Fulbright Foreign Language Teaching Assistant (FLTA) Program develops cultural and linguistic knowledge by supporting teaching assistantships in more than 30 languages at hundreds of U.S. higher education institutions. Institutions can host dynamic, early-career educators from more than 50 countries who contribute an energetic cultural component to on-campus language programs and international initiatives.
  • Opportunities are also available to host Fulbright Foreign Students on your campus to study and conduct research through graduate degree programs, or to host Fulbright Visiting Scholars to conduct research.
  • See the Fulbright Institutional Opportunities webpage for more details. 

Host Virtual Campus-Wide Fulbright Informational Workshops

  • IIE Staff can present on award opportunities for faculty, administrators, and students.
    • Please email outreach@iie.org to schedule a presentation. 
  • Fulbright Scholar Alumni Ambassadors share about their Fulbright experience and the impact on both their host and home institutions.
    • Please email outreach@iie.org if you would like to have an Ambassador speak to your faculty.

We look forward to partnering with you to internationalize your campus and impact future generations of professionals in the United States and beyond.