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Rachida Parks

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Job title
Associate Professor of Business Analytics and Information Systems
Academic year
Information Science
"An Investigation into Big Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence Operationalization in Healthcare: A Socio-Technical, Interdisciplinary and Multi-Method Approach"

Dr. Rachida Parks is an Associate Professor of Business Analytics and Information Systems at Quinnipiac University in Madison, Connecticut. On her Fulbright, she researched how healthcare organizations operationalize business analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) in Morocco and identified the key challenges faced by healthcare organizations. Her work is framed by the premise that future public health crises cannot be mitigated without a special attention to the responsiveness of developing countries, based on the way Covid-19 pandemic disproportionately affected different countries. Rachida’s research is intended to deepen the theoretical understanding and enable her to propose practical guidelines to support improved integration of healthcare analytics and AI in developing countries.  

Since returning to the United States, Rachida has spoken at international conferences and shared insights in seminars based on her Fulbright research on healthcare digitalization and AI. She was a keynote speaker at the Health Information Technology Symposium in Copenhagen, Denmark, and a featured scholar in the Kennesaw State University Seminar Series. In her home campus and community, she has shared insights in classrooms and open houses, mentored Fulbright applicants, and spoken at the local chamber of commerce. She has also been selected to serve on an AI strategy subcommittee at Quinnipiac, her home institution. 


Ask Me About: 

  • Navigating host university communications and relationships  
  • Promoting your Fulbright experience within the host country 
  • Managing your children's school logistics (AB vs. AP programs), transferring grades, and dealing with fees 
  • Blending enjoyment, cultural immersion, languages (Arabic, French and English), and research in your Fulbright experience 
  • Opportunities and global prospects after completing the Fulbright experience