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Vanessa Mari

Vanessa Mari headshot
Job title
Assistant Professor of TESOL
Academic year
October 2019 - December 2019
TESOL, Education, Linguistics
Inglés sin límites: Equitable English education for rural and urban schools

In her current position as an Assistant Professor of TESOL, Vanessa prepares pre-service teachers to work with emergent bilingual students. Her research is centered on describing the language practices of emergent bilingual students and working with teachers on how to leverage bilingualism in the classroom. During her Fulbright Scholar experience, Vanessa worked with the National Administration of Public Education in Uruguay to build curriculum and develop lessons for rural teachers. Through these efforts, she visited rural schools and helped with the implementation of the program Inglés sin Límites (English without limits).    

Vanessa’s Fulbright experience gave her the opportunity to work directly with rural teachers in Uruguay. Through the program Inglés sin Límites (ISL), she built curriculum and provided professional development to teachers on how to teach English as a foreign language. She also led discussions on how to leverage the native language and incorporate culturally responsive pedagogy while teaching English. She was also able to travel through the country to visit multiple school sites who were implementing the (ISL) program. Finally, this experience led her to collaborate with local educators in research and writing. Two years past her Fulbright, Vanessa continues to present in international conferences about the work that she did and the research she was able to collaborate with others. The lifelong impact this program has helped Vanessa continue developing strong connections with stakeholders in Uruguay. 

Ask Me About:

  • Being a minority abroad
  • Engaging in meaningful ways with the community
  • The best ways to navigate the local scene
  • The best ways to meet likeminded people
  • How to figure out public transportation
  • How to find housing 
  • How to learn the language while abroad