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Peter Hans Matthews

Peter Matthews
Job title
Charles A. Dana Professor of Economics
Academic year
August 2017 - July 2018
Dreams Grown Apart: A European Perspective on Inequality

Peter is the Dana Professor of Economics at Middlebury and, as a consequence of the time he spent in Finland as a Fulbright scholar, a Distinguished Visiting Professor at the Aalto University School of Business, and the Helsinki Graduate School of Economics. He is an experimental economist who is currently interested in inequality, political economy, polarization, and social preferences. At Middlebury, he regularly teaches courses in poverty and inequality, macroeconomics, public economics, and labor economics.

Peter spent almost a year in Helsinki, as the Fulbright-Hanken Distinguished Chair in Business and Economics at the Hanken School of Economics. Thanks to his extraordinary colleagues and now friends in Finland, the research program that brought him there transformed his professional life: in addition to semi-annual visits as a visiting professor at Aalto and HGSE, Peter is the co-PI on an Academy of Finland-funded project on the effects of various forms of inequality; on the editorial board of the new Journal othe Finnish Economics Association; and on the international advisory board of FIRIPO, a collaborative project toestablish a national infrastructure for public opinion research in Finland.

Ask Me About:

  • Integrating into local research and public policy communities … as an introvert.
  • Research programs that “outlive” the Fulbright.
  • Fulbright communities abroad
  • Dual households and taxes