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Leigh Lassiter-Counts

Leigh Lassiter-Counts
Job title
Director of Career Services
Academic year
October 2016
Higher Education Administration
IEA Seminar: Internation Education Administration

As the Director of Career Services, Leigh believes passionately in the students she serves and their ability to change the world. Her work includes individual student meetings, group workshops, and presentations on many topics and involving many audiences both on and off-campus. She is the campus champion for career planning and achievement topics including the Be Hendrix Beyond Hendrix career competencies initiative. Leigh's team created “Career Term” -a novel approach to career development for all sophomores featured in The Washington Post, Inside Higher Ed, and The Chronicle. Her previous higher education roles include fundraising, alumni relations, academic advising, and intercollegiate athletics. Her life’s work is to inspire compassionate, caring students to live productive and joyful lives that can change the world!

After her time in Germany, Leigh had a much clearer sense of the ways EU companies operate for internships/apprenticeships and is now able to talk concretely with her students about Germany as a location for study abroad, internship, and employment opportunities as well as graduate programs. She has stayed in contact with both the German and American colleagues she met during her award, as well as the Fulbright offices on both shores. Leigh's time as a Fulbright IEA in Germany has influenced her professional work with students to help them grow their mindset for intercultural and international work. Since her IEA Fulbright, she has had several students apply and be accepted to Ph.D./Graduate programs in Germany (both directly with campuses she visited and others) as well as summer study programs and post-graduate fellowships. The influence on her professional development has been a true game-changer. She is excited to share about both faculty AND non-faculty Fulbright opportunities. In particular, the IEA program is a great way for higher education staff members to impact their campus and open the world to their students!

The brightest light of a Fulbright is the opportunity for educational AND cultural exchange and appreciation. Leigh learned more than she ever could have imagined, not only about the history and processes of the German education system, but more so about the warmth and spirit of the German people.

Ask Me About:

  • Fulbright opportunities for non-faculty members.
  • What it’s like to be a part of a group Fulbright award.
  • Not speaking the language of your award country.
  • Being BRAVE enough to apply!
  • Long-lasting relationships with both American and foreign colleagues.