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Jamie Kneitel

Jamie Kneitel
Job title
Chair and Professor
Academic year
September 2017 – April 2018
A Synthesis of Seasonal Wetland Ecology in Mediterranean Climate Regions

Jamie is a Professor and the Chair of the Department of Biological Sciences at CSU-Sacramento. His research focuses on how environmental change and disturbances affect biodiversity and functioning of ecological communities. He primarily works in seasonal wetlands (vernal pools and rock pools) with a wide range of taxonomic groups (bacteria, plants, invertebrates, and vertebrates). This research covers a variety of topics, including spatial ecology, conservation biology, invasive species, and food webs. Current projects include the ecology of endangered species, land-use effects on biodiversity, and functional group diversity along latitudinal gradients. He previously taught courses in ecology and statistics at the undergraduate and graduate levels. 

Jamie’s Fulbright Scholar Award included research and teaching a graduate-level course at Haifa University in Israel. The research was collaborations with students, post docs, and faculty and enhanced understanding and management of seasonal wetlands in Mediterranean climate regions worldwide. He gave many invited talks, including departmental seminars and workshops. In addition, Jamie received a regional travel grant which allowed him to begin a collaboration with faculty and students in Morocco.  The experience greatly impacted him both professionally and personally, and he began many international collaborations, co-authored papers, and gave many invited talks upon his return.  

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