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Garvey M. Lundy

Garvey Lundy headshot
Job title
Associate Professor of Sociology
Academic year
October 2017 – August 2017
Teaching Fellow

Garvey is an associate professor of Sociology at Montgomery County Community College, located in Blue Bell, Pennsylvania, a suburb of Philadelphia. There, he teaches Introduction to Sociology, Sociology of the Family, The Sociology of Sports and Leisure, and the Sociology of Death and Dying. His main area of interest are education, race and ethnic relations, and Haitian migration.  He has co-authored several books related to education: The Source of the River (2003) and African Americans and Homeschooling (2015), as well as articles related to the Haitian experience in America. Currently, in collaboration with a colleague he met during his Fulbright, he is working on a study that examines attitudes and ideology of students related to the Francophone and Anglophone divide in Cameroon. His time in Cameroon has profoundly changed his life and his academic outlook. In brief, because of his sojourn in Cameroon he has come to profoundly appreciate the beauty of the human spirit and the common thread which bounds all of humanity.  

During his time as a Teaching Fellow, he was able to present a more nuanced understanding of American society, and its struggle with racial equity. Since his return to the States, he has been privileged to share his experience with the colleagues and students of his home institution. He made a presentation to his colleagues about his experiences and research collaboration from his Fulbright.  As for his classes, he regularly weaves his experiences in Cameroon into his lectures.   

Ask Me About:

  • Adjusting to a new environment
  • Getting sick abroad
  • Making friends and connections 
  • How to properly prepare to teach in an African University
  • Learning the Language
  • Banking issues
  • How to avoid being the “ugly” American
  • Cultural sensitivity
  • Learning formal and informal norms of African institutions 
  • Traveling within Africa
  • Traveling within your host country