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Drew Ippoliti

Drew Ippoliti
Job title
Assistant Professor of Instruction
Academic year
February- July 2019
Fine Arts/ Craft

While in South Korea, Drew's research mined the rapid modernization of the country in the 1980’s. The so-named “Miracle on Han River,” lead to the contemporary ascendancy of Korea, making Kimchi, K-Pop, and K-Dramas household terms around the globe. What is unclear is how the stratospheric rise affected traditional crafts and arts. Drew's research collected data from individual respondents and shaped that information into a series of sculptural ceramic works exploring self, place in society, and notions of “functionality”.

The research Drew conducted was based around interviewing various respondents in the field of arts and economics about their experiences during the modernization of South Korea. These interviews were archived and transformed into a series of sculptural ceramic works. While in South Korea, he also taught two classes at Kookmin University, focusing on technical matters related to ceramic arts and ideation; particularly the process of how to employ real world events for learning and inspiration. This methodology lead to a number of new ways of looking, arranging materials and working with students in Korea and in the US.

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