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Donathan Brown

Donathan Brown
Job title
Vice Provost for Faculty Diversity
Academic year
January 2017 - June 2017
Communications and Political Science
Understanding Race and American Politics

Donathan oversees the Office of Faculty Diversity and Recruitment, and is responsible for the development and execution of RIT’s comprehensive vision for faculty diversity, recruitment and development, with particular attention to mentoring, academic diversity and equity, work-life policies and other climate issues. On the academic side, he is a tenured member of faculty, with expertise in race and public policy, especially as it pertains to African Americans and Latinx communities. His research has materialized in both books and articles spanning topics ranging from voting rights, immigration reform and civil rights. He has provided expert commentary for many major media outlets, ranging from Forbes to the Huffington Post, along with media outlets in Canada and Slovenia. During his time at the University of Maribor, Donathan engaged in a teaching Fulbright, where he taught courses pertaining to American race relations and the politics therein.  

Ask Me About:

  • My experience as an African American living abroad.