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Alexa Alice Joubin

Alexa Alice Joubin
Race and Gender Studies, English, Film, Theatre, Globalization
  • Title: Professor, Founding co-director of the Digital Humanities Institute
  • Project: Global Shakespeare
  • Academic Year: September 2014 –June 2015
  • Email:

As an Asian woman, my presence in the Shakespeare classroom in London enabled students of color to see themselves and inspire them to study English literature. At Queen Mary University of London and Warwick University, UK, I conducted research for my book (Shakespeare and East Asia) while co-teaching a graduate seminar. The monograph examines post-1950s screen and stage adaptations of the comedies and tragedies. This book is being published by Oxford University Press in 2021.

I have since returned every year to the UK (until the global pandemic hit) for research, particularly Shakespeare in London. I have also won other fellowships in the UK, such as the International Visiting Fellow, Department of Literature Film and Theatre Studies, University of Essex (UK) in 2017. One of my students from George Washington in Washington DC went to study at Queen Mary in London! I have increased collaboration with UK colleagues and institutions.

Since my Fulbright in 2014, I have published four books:

  • Shakespeare and East Asia (Oxford University Press, 2021)
  • Race (co-authored, Routledge, 2019)
  • Local and Global Myths in Shakespearean Performance (co-edited, Palgrave, 2018)
  • Shakespeare and the Ethics of Appropriation (co-edited, Palgrave, 2014)

None of this would have happened without the Fulbright. The Fulbright UK experience has been invaluable to my career and personal life. I met my boyfriend (and now husband) during my Fulbright year in London. He, like me, is a theatre enthusiast. We went to many productions and film festivals throughout London.

Ask Me About:

  • classroom culture and campus life in the UK 
  • working in a field dominated by white men 
  • living in London 
  • racial and gender equality; dealing with British racism 
  • accents and dialects in the UK 
  • opening a bank account/ getting a sim card for a mobile phone in the UK 
  • navigating the UK’s National Health Service (NHS) 
  • dating/long-distance relationships abroad